The research group Buildings, Infrastructures and Projects for Rural and Environmental Engineering (BIPREE) was created by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid aiming to scientifically study problems not yet solved in connection with technical projects in rural and environmental areas. Building and Infrastructure problems are the main targets.

Research topics are: 

  • Agricultural silos.
  • Numerical methods in Rural and Environmental Engineering
  • Statistical methods in Rural and Environmental Engineering
  • Landscape and green spaces engineering
  • Rural buildings
  • Geographic Information Systems applied to Rural and Environmental Engineering
  • Rural Roads
  • Surface hydrology and small dams

The group cooperates with other groups in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, in other Spanish Universities and foreign Institutions. There are regular collaborations with them.

The group BIPREE tries to get funds for research in official calls at regional, national and international levels.

It also contracts with companies and public administrations in order to solve problems on their behalf. Within this web page you will find a summary of our activities and what we can do.



A new research contract signed with MYSILO.

A new research contract signed with GLOBAL INDUSTRIES INC.